Maximum Flow:  250 CFM
Maximum Operating Pressure:  200 psig

The DryAIR 250FS Classic / DryAIR 400FSTM has been design as a stand-alone or drawbar mount aftercooler for portable gas and diesel compressors. It delivers quality air to equipment, free of harmful condensed moisture. DryAIR will cool your compressed air to within 20° of ambient temperature.

Features a heavy-duty moisture separator and coalescing filter to trap moisture and condensed oil. Manual drain valves provide removal of captured fluids.

Completely self-contained. Packaged in a construction skid with a centrally located bar for single point lifting and expanded metal heat exchanger guard.

Chicago fittings are provided on the inlet and outlet connections for maximum versatility in the field.

Includes a 1-micron coalescing filter with manual drain.

DC fan motor is run from the compressor battery and automatically starts when the system is pressurized.

13-foot power cord with alligator clips to connect to the compressor starting battery.

Portable design for varied applications and mobility.

Cools air to within 20° of ambient temperature to optimize moisture removal.

All units can be mounted with your minor fabrication.

DryAir 250FS Classic
Maximum Flow250 CFM
Maximum Operating Pressure200 psig
Maximum Pressure Drop5 psig
Fan Power Requirement17.5 amps, 12 volts DC
Dimensions24" W x 19" D x 32" H
Weight70 lbs
Maximum Flow400 CFM
Maximum Operating Pressure200 psig
Maximum Pressure Drop5 psig
Fan Power Requirement9.6 amps, 24 volts DC
Dimensions48" W x 24" D x 30" H
Weight170 lbs