Epiroc SmartROC T40 Drill Rig

Main application area:  Quarrying ; Civil engineering
Drilling method:  Tophammer

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Epiroc SmartROC T40 Drill Rig is the most fuel efficient drill rigs in the world. They show great performance even under the toughest drilling conditions.

Built with the operator in mind, an ergonomic user interface makes drilling safer, faster and more effective. Not only are these rigs easier to operate and more productive, but they ensure the lowest cost per cubic meter produced by any comparable rig
in their hole range. We have put SmartROC T40 to test. Based on the result there is no doubt – SmartROC T40 does not compromise on productivity

Main benefits

nor hole quality. It truly is the world champion of fuel efficiency.

Epiroc SmartROC T40 Drill Rig drilled 100 meters in less than two hours (1 h 53 min) with excellent hole quality with 90 % hole straightness while only consuming 34.5 liters of fuel. This gave a fuel consumption of 18.43 l/h and 0.35 l/m which is a solid indicator – SmartROC T40 can really perform under pressure.

Epiroc SmartROC T40 Drill Rigs can be equipped with a hole navigation system (HNS) as an option, enabling drill pattern navigation via GNSS receivers. HNS manages hole position, inclination, correct aiming and the required hole length as defined in the prepared drill plan. The result is a decrease in the drill and blast cost per cubic meter produced.

+ Fuel efficiency

The entire system is designed to minimize energy losses. The operator can adjust the flushing air volume and the dust collector fan speed according to need so that both deliver only what is necessary for the best performance. Engine and compressor speed are self-adjusting according to demand. Three variable hydraulic pumps help lower engine speed during none-drilling time and tramming. Further, an automatic cooler fan control is standard.

+ Operator in focus

The value of technology is directly related to how easy it is to use. These rigs integrate advanced technology with operator ease-of-use and safety. Inside the cleanly designed and comfortable cabin, the operator has full control over an efficient drilling cycle using two multifunction joysticks and an icon-based instrument panel. These rigs are equipped with an automatic rod adding system, enabling them to drill preset hole length without operator interaction. This improves on the lifespan of consumables.

+ Improved serviceability

Compared to similar rigs on the market, SmartROC T35 & T40 have 50% less hoses and 70% less couplings reducing the risk of leakage. Hydraulic valves and electric modules are distributed and positioned at the location where they function, allowing for easier access to components. Compared to previous generation rigs, the hydraulic tank is 65% smaller for more space and easier service access. The machines have double hose drums on the feed as standard.

Epiroc SmartROC T40 Drill Rig
Main application areaQuarrying ; Civil engineering
Drilling methodTophammer
Hole diameter2,5 inch - 5 inch
Product familySmartROC
Rock drill/DTH hammer sizeCOP 2540+ ; COP 2560+
Rotary headN/A
Maximum hole depth110 ft
Engine225 HP
Air capacity (FAD)324 cfm
Hydraulic rock drill
Rock drillCOP 2540+ | COP 2560+
Hole diameter3"–5"
Impact power33.5 hp | 33.5 hp
Hydraulic pressure, max3 190 psi | 3 190 psi
Impact rate, max 55–70 Hz | 44–53 Hz
Torque, max870 lbf/ft | 1 335 lbf/ft
Weight approx385 lb | 412 lb
Rate, max184 ft/min
Force, max4 400 lbf
Tractive pull, max4 400 lbf
Total length292.9"
Travel length166.9"
Hydraulic oil tank26.4 gal
Hydraulic system, total42.3 gal
Compressor oil5.8 gal
Diesel engine oil4.2 gal
Diesel engine, cooling water11.4 gal
Diesel engine fuel tank97.7 gal
Traction gear0.8 gal
Lubrication tank (ECL)2.6 gal
DEF fluid tank (Tier 4 Final only)6.3 gal
Dust collector DCT 110
Filter area118 sq.ft
Number of filter elements11 pcs
Suction capacity at 500 mm wg1 200 cfm
Suction hose diam5"
Cleaning air pressure, max109 psi
Cleaning air consumption0.06–0.12 cu.ft/pulse
SmartROC T4033,730 Ib