PowerROC T50

Main application area:  Quarrying ; Civil engineering
Drilling method:  Tophammer

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SmartROC T40 is the most fuel efficient drill rigs in the world. They show great performance even under the toughest drilling conditions.

Built with the operator in mind, an ergonomic user interface makes drilling safer, faster and more effective. Not only are these rigs easier to operate and more productive, but they ensure the lowest cost per cubic meter produced by any comparable rig
in their hole range. We have put SmartROC T40 to test. Based on the result there is no doubt – SmartROC T40 does not compromise on productivity

Main benefits

nor hole quality. It truly is the world champion of fuel efficiency.

SmartROC T40 drilled 100 meters in less than two hours (1 h 53 min) with excellent hole quality with 90 % hole straightness while only consuming 34.5 liters of fuel. This gave a fuel consumption of 18.43 l/h and 0.35 l/m which is a solid indicator – SmartROC T40 can really perform under pressure.

Trustful Performer with Striking efficiency

Thanks to its modular design and a high degree of Commonality with other Epiroc products.

+ working faster than you Expect

Our rigs are built tough. The PowerROC T50 is designed to operate in environments where productivity, durability, and availability are essential. Its straightforward design and power gives you a workhorse you can depend on year after year.

+ get it right the first time

Our rock drills are known for their high efficiency and constant hole bottom contact due to the double dampening system. Not only does PowerROC T50

have the powerful COP 3060 rock drill, we’ve also matched it with an Atlas Copco air compressor that provides sufficient amounts of air to ensure a high quality hole. The PowerROC T50 is also equipped with aluminium feed instead

of a steel feed, for much straighter and more consistent holes.

+ Put holes in the ground and not in your


When it comes to work, the PowerROC T50 is all business and easy to own. Simplified hydraulic and electrical systems ensure easier operation and less

downtime. All vital functions are at your fingertips for excellent drilling control. Because we understand that long work shifts can drain an operator’s energy and productivity, for added comfort the cabin has great visibility, extra vibration dampers, and is ROPS- and FOPS- certified.

Quick facts
Main application areaQuarrying ; Civil engineering
Drilling methodTophammer
Hole diameter4 inch - 6 inch
Product familyPowerROC
Rock drill/DTH hammer sizeCOP 3060
Rotary headN/A
Maximum hole depth118 ft
Engine350 HP
Air capacity (FAD)492 cfm
Drill Rig Weight50,220 lbs
Hydraulic rock drill
Rock drillCOP 3060
Hole diameter4’’– 6’’
Impact power40.2 hp
Hydraulic pressure, max3 481 psi
Impact rate, max50 Hz Hz | 43 Hz
Torque, max2 043 lbf/ft
Weight approx783 lb
Rate, max138 ft/min
Force, max11 240 lbf
Tractive pull, max11 240 lbf
Total length30’9’’
Travel length16’8’’
Hydraulic oil tank100 US gal
Hydraulic system, total124 US gal
Compressor oil14.7 US gal
Diesel engine oil8.4 US gal
Diesel engine, cooling water13.5 US gal
Diesel engine fuel tank132 US gal
Traction gear0.8 US gal
COP oil1.85 US gal
Dust collector DCT 110
Filter area118 sq.ft
Number of filter elements11 pcs
Suction capacity at 500 mm wg1 200 cfm
Suction hose diam5"
Cleaning air pressure, max109 psi
Cleaning air consumption0.06–0.12 cu.ft/pulse
SmartROC T4033,730 Ib