Cyclone 16 Dust Collection

Horsepower:  48
Fuel Type:  Deisel

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EnTech CYCLONE series dust collection systems. Each model represents more than 20 years of product development, innovation, and jobsite proven pro- fermance. The CYCLONE is of specialized air handling and particulate collec- tion equipment that offers several dramatic improvements over other collectors. Designed using unique and innovative technology, the CYCLONE will provide the user with safe and cost effective operation with outstanding results.


• In-line air flow between plenum and fan ensures the highest efficiency.
• Extremely low air-to-cloth ratio provides more filter area for high dust conditions. • Powerful, reliable, and fuel efficient diesel engines and optional electric power.
• The full engine enclosure to protect against vandalism and weather.
• A unique filter baffle system enhances pulse jet cleaning and extends filter life.
• Hydraulically powered unloading augers provide low maintenance, dependable

• Conveniently located air inlets on three sides provide greater job-site versatility.
• Top loading filters offer superior cleaning and can be changed by a single operator

with less risk of hazardous spills.
• Heavy duty construction and superior paint job means the Cyclone will last

longer and retain its value.
• Sizes range from 2,000 to 80,000 cfm.
• High quality finish (Epoxy primer, Acrylic urethane top coat)
• DOT approved trailer lighting and reflective recognition tape. • One year limited warranty.

Cyclone 16 DC
Fuel TypeDeisel
Efficiency Rating @ 0.5 Microns99.8%
Inlet Ducts4
Inlet Duct Size16"
Top loading Cartridges24
QX Primary Filter Media Area6240 sq ft
Unit Weight9600 lbs
Height10.58 feet
Width8.33 feet
Length22 Feet
Gallons 60
Full Load Run Time16.66 Hours