Magni Rotating Extendable Safety Basket

Capacity:  2,204.62 lb
Width:  93.86 - 184.45 Inches

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The know-how of the Magni and its versatility have given life to a complete range of accessories dedicated to the main product lines: rotary and stationary. These are completely interchangeable accessories, developed to guarantee specific uses in various working conditions. They are all equipped with the Magni R.F.ID system which automatically guarantees the recognisability of the accessory on the machine used, charging the load diagrams and the specific safety limitations accordingly.

Rotating extendable safety basket, rated to 1000 kg, with galvanised, reinforced stainless-steel structure. Type-approved for three operatives. The rack anti-shock system which completely eliminates oscillations during rotation makes operations safer and more comfortable. Patented safety basket extension system with non-slip floor. Overload sensor.

Magni Rotating Extendable Safety Basket
Capacity2,204.62 lb
Width93.86 - 184.45 Inches
Rotation+/- 90°
Maximum number of people3
Automatic accessory recognitionYes