CP 1260 Breakers SVR

Weight:  74
Length:  28.9"

Although classed as a 60-pound tool, the CP 1260 offers the hitting power and high performance of a larger tool. There are also a number of different shank sizes and shank configurations available. In addition to the standard units, there are also “Hushed Power” versions (S models) and versions with extra vibration dampening (SVR models).

Applications: Tough construction and plant maintenance work
such as breaking reinforced concrete, heavy road work, cutting tarmac, frozen ground or non-consolidated rock and for general demolition work.

These new 60-pound breakers continue the tradition of the well-known CP 1230 with outstanding robustness and reliability in tough working conditions. Plus, they offer more power and are lighter weight.

Key Features:

• Even more power and productivity than the CP 1230 • Improved modern design for excellent durability
• Four-bolt backhead – withstands rugged use
• Integral oiler – provides continuous lubrication

• Reversible piston – reduces maintenance cost
• New swivel design for increased manoeuvrability
• New type of heavy-duty front head springs – reduce maintenance cost• “Hushed power” versions equipped with mufflers (S models)
• Versions with improved vibration dampening system (SVR models)

CP 1260 SVR
Air Consumption73 CFM
Blows Per Minute1,300
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 20643) 21.3
Sound Power Level Guaranteed (I2000/14/EC) 110
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) 97
Retainer TypeLatch
Air Inlet3/4"
Chuck Size Hex 1, 1/8" or 1, 1/4"