CP 4611 Rivet Buster

Weight:  33 lbs
Length:  26"

Rivet busters have the lowest specific bpm, together with high power and lower weight. This makes them a good alternative to a T-handled breaker — especially when the weight is restricted by work specifications.

They are best suited for working with harder materials such as reinforced concrete and greater depths beneath the surface. They are used in:

• Bridge deck and bridge pile renovation jobs

• De-capping foundationpillars

• As an alternative to paving breakers in tight spaces

• Cutting and removing large rivets and bolts

• Cutting metal tanks or plates


Extra Tough for Demanding Jobs

For excellent hitting power per kg, CP rivet busters are the right
choice — delivering one of the best power-to-weight ratios available.
A T-handle breaker would need to be at least twice as heavy to provideequivalent performance. Yet even with all this power, CP rivet busters are easy to control thanks to low blow frequency and a teasing throttle.They’re perfect for a variety of concrete and metal applications

CP 4611
These units feature a teasing throttle with progressive hitting frequency for better control, as well as a high-quality Boyer valve for consistent blows. They’re builtfor long life in rugged conditions with a forged steel handle and a hardened steel piston. They also feature a stepped cylinder design to prevent accidental ejection of the piston from the cylinder. Models are available with a pistol grip handle.


  • Bridge deck work, where breaker weight is restricted
  • De-capping foundation pillars, where concrete is very hard
  • Medium to heavy concrete renovation
  • An alternative to paving breakerswhere high hitting power is requiredbut applied in a restrained space or working horizontally


• Cutting and removing large rivets and bolts with narrow chisels and backout punch, or other special steel and accessories

• Cutting metal tanks or plates with ripper chisel

• Industrial applications such as in foundries or the petrochemical industry

CP 4611 Specs
Weight33 lbs
Air Consumption45 cfm
Blows Per Minute720
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 20643)43.6
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203)93
Trigger TypeOutside
Air Inlet1/2"
Handle TypeOpen
CylinderLong (11")
Chuck SizeJumbo