CP 0009 Rock Drill

Weight:  9.5 lbs
Length:  14.8

CP 0009 rotary hammers

The CP range of compact and lightweight plughole drills includes tools capable of drilling holes from 0.375 up to 1.125 in and for use in light chipping applications.

Our CP 0009 is the “mother” of small rotary drills. It must be one of the most copied air tools available on the market because no other design could match such a performance for such a small, easy-to-use drill. This is a key product that has made Chicago Pneumatic the leading brand of air tools in the US.

CP 0009

  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio to drill holesmore easily and faster than with comparable electric rotary hammers
  • Quick-release retainer for changing the drillssimply and quickly to suit all different types of drilling and chipping applications
  • Built-in oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • Teasing throttle for precise control
  • Low air consumption
  • A and F versions feature a rotation releasebutton, converting the machine from a drill to a chipper
  • AC, CS and ES versions can be convertedfrom a drill to a chipper by changing the tool

• Cushioned piston for smooth operationand longer machine life

• Muffler available to reduce noise

• Right-hand rotation

• Equipped with an SDS adaptor, CP 0009 a,ac and cs can be used with electric hammer drill bits

• The CP 0009 is used for drilling holes from8 to 25 mm in diameter, and up to 300 mm in depth. However, above 25 mm in diameter,we recommend first performing a test to prevent excessive wear

• Small, easy to handle

CP 0009 Specs
Weight9.5 lbs
Air Consumption19 cfm
Blows Per Minute3,420
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 20643)66.2 / 69.5
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203)103
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203)88
Retainer TypeQuick Change
Drill Rate in Hard Rock7.1 / 6.3 in/min
Hole Diameter3/8" - 1 1/8"
Hole Depthbit length
Air Inlet3/8"
Chuck Size Hex ¾ x 3 ¾ in