Free-Air Delivery – cfm (m3/min):  900 (25.5) 825 (23.4) 750 (21.2)
Rated Operating Pressure – psi (bar):  100 (6.9) 125 (8.6) 150 (10.3)

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Doosan Portable Power continues to respond to customer needs with legendary technology, reliability and durability, now packaged with added flexibility and energy efficiency in the new electric-driven VP900e portable air compressor. The VP900e provides performance and flexibility with infinitely variable pressure and variable flow, and marks the introduction of a new generation of Doosan air compressors.

“The VP900e operates between 400 and 900 cfm without wasted energy, due to intelligent engineering design,” said Rus Warner, manager, global air products, Doosan Portable Power. “We’ve designed the model in such a way that it automatically delivers the exact flow necessary for an application – conserving power and allowing for easier operation – it’s like having two machines in one.”

Replacing the typical diesel engine on the portable air compressor are three onboard electric motors that are controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) system – one airend motor and two cooling fan motors – each sized specifically for their dedicated function. This design creates operational efficiencies, using less power than is required of a typical, one-motor-fits-all design.

Variable frequency drive (VFD) is the core of this portable electric air compressor system. It monitors the needs of the compressor by changing performance of the motors to provide exact power requirements, preventing the use of unnecessary power. During operation, the VFD automatically adjusts to the load demand, maximizing flow for each pressure setting. This automated function is cost-effective and energy-efficient, saving power costs and wasted energy over other compressor models that require the motor to run wide open at all times.

On the job, the operator has the capability to set the pressure at any level from 90 to 150 psi; this infinitely variable pressure capability is an industry first for portable air compressors.

Further enhancing energy efficiency on the model is a low power start up; a typical electric air compressor will require up to five times the typical running power needed for motor start-up. Through its VFD controls, the VP900e requires only a fraction of that power for motor starting.

The operator also is in control of setting the maximum amp limit on the machine, which provides flexibility for use on work sites that have limited power available as well as an amp match to the electrical provider’s service. The capability of setting the maximum amp limit is particularly advantageous in rental fleets, where this flexibility feeds higher machine utilization.

The VP900e is 100 percent emissions-free and ultra-quiet. Because this portable air compressor is electric-powered and creates zero emissions, the VP900e is environmentally friendly and is not subject to EPA emissions regulations or Transport Canada fuel tank regulations.

Operation of the VP900e is made easy with the Doosan ViewPort control system, which provides more detail and preloaded resources than any other control panel in the market. An intuitive joystick control provides access to 15 operational parameters, and easy access to relevant operation and parts manuals, a machine maintenance schedule, and spare parts information. The full-color, digital display system with LED back-lighting makes machine monitoring easy and efficient. The easy-to-use interface can also be remotely monitored via a wireless connection and viewed conveniently by smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

All major service points on the VP900e are easily accessible, minimizing servicing time and maximizing productivity. Servicing time and costs in comparison to diesel-powered compressors are also reduced, and operations are made more economical and safe without the need for purchasing, storing, and transporting potentially hazardous diesel fuel.

Technologically advanced, innovative and eco-friendly, the VP900e is packaged in the same rugged and reliable enclosure that makes Doosan air compressors a primary choice for contractors and rental companies. The heavy-duty tandem-axle running gear on the VP900e is built with an exclusive extended-life slipper spring system that protects the unit during highway towing.

The VP900e also offers a multitude of factory-installed options, allowing users to customize the compressor to best match application needs.

Free-Air Delivery – cfm (m3/min)900 (25.5) 825 (23.4) 750 (21.2)
Rated Operating Pressure – psi (bar)100 (6.9) 125 (8.6) 150 (10.3)
Pressure Range – psi (bar)80 - 175 (5.5 - 10.3)
Air Discharge Outlet NPT Size – in (mm)2-inch NPT (50.8)
Drive TypeVariable Frequency
Motor Power hp (kw)215 (160)
System Voltage480
Motor Phase3
Max Load Amps280
Overall Length – in (mm)194 (4928)
Overall Width – in (mm)87 (2210)
Overall Height – in (mm) excluding exh pipe85 (2159)
Shipping Weight lb (kg)9530 (4322)