GR PA(Prime Aire)12A60-B 12" Pump

Suction:  12"
Discharge:  12"

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Prime Aire® Priming-Assisted Pumps

Gorman-Rupp’s extensive line of Prime Aire® priming-assisted pumps are hard-working, dependable and ready to tackle the toughest applications including large solids and slurries.


The Prime Aire system uses a venture compressor priming chamber and priming valve which eliminates the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. This unique system reduces environmental concerns and enables the pump to operate under flooded suction conditions without leaking. The positive priming capabilities of PA Series® pumps make them the perfect choice for applications where a large volume of air is in the liquid being pumped, there are intermittent flows or oversized suction lines.

Dry Run Capability

A dry run capability is designed into the Prime Aire® system. An oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal allows the pump to run dry continuously without damage. For positive, reliable priming time after time, Gorman-Rupp Prime Aire pumps are the ones you can count on.

Dual-Suction Side Capability

Model PA 10×6 features a removable cover plate and adjustable/replaceable wearplate.


Several popular Prime Aire® models are available in a “Compressor-Over-Pump” arrangement. This innovative configuration offers a compact, flexible design while allowing ease of operation and servicing when needed.

Abrasive Handling Seal

Prime Aire® pumps are equipped with oversized, mechanical, oil-lubricated, double-floating, self-aligning seals with silicon carbide rotating and stationary faces that are designed to take the wear and tear of pumping solids, slurries and other abrasives.

Standard Auto-Start Controls

F_PASeries_5.jpgAuto-Start control starts and stops the pump in response to a liquid level. The pump only starts when there is water to pump and turns itself off when the water reaches the desired level. There is never any need to waste fuel and add to costly engine overhauls.

Solids Handling3"
CasingCast Iron
Impeller/RotorDuctile Iron
Seal MaterialSilicon Carbide
Drive TypeDiesel Engine
Unit Weight7155 lbs
Speed1400 - 2200 rpm
Gallons Per Minute 6000
Fuel Tank171
Run Time Full Load21.4