3x3 13D-GX270

Suction:  3"
Discharge:  3"

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Gorman-Rupp 10 Series® pumps are specifically designed for handling solids, corrosive liquids and slurries. They have few moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. If a clog occurs, it can be removed easily through the cover plate opening without disturbing piping or the use of any special tools. The 10 Series offers a variety of metallurgy and seal configurations to choose from to handle a number of different liquids.

Solids Handling Impeller

F_10Series_1.jpgTwo-vane, semi-open, solids handling impeller handles up to 3″ (76 mm) diameter solids, depending on pump model. Pump out vanes on impeller shroud reduce foreign material buildup behind impeller and reduce pressure on seal and bearings for extended pump life.

Multiple Seal Options

F_10Series_2.jpg10 Series pumps are available with Gorman-Rupp double mechanical grease lubricated seals, self-lubricated mechanical seals and Gorman-Rupp’s exclusive tungsten titanium carbide double floating, self-aligning oil Lubricated seals. Fluorocarbon Elastomers (DuPont Viton® or equivalent) and PTFE Elastomers (DuPont Teflon® or equivalent) are also available.

Removable Cover Plate

F_10Series_3.jpgRemovable cover plate provides quick and easy access to pump interior without disconnecting piping. Clogs can be removed and pump returned to service in minutes. Impeller, seal and replaceable wearplate can also be easily accessed through cover plate opening for inspection or service.

Replaceable Wearplate

F_10Series_4.jpg10 Series pumps feature replaceable wearplates which fasten to the cover plate and can be removed for inspection or service. No expensive castings to replace. 10 Series pumps are available as basic units for connection to customers’ power source or may be flex-coupled or V-belt driven by an electric motor. Pumps can also be powered by gasoline or diesel engines.

3x3 13D-GX270 Specs
Solids Handling1.5"
Impeller/RotorDuctile Iron
Seal MaterialDouble Grease
Drive TypeGasoline Engine
Unit Weight140 lbs
Maximum Operating Pressure66 psi
Fuel Tank1.4 Gallons
Full Load Operating Time2.5
Max Gallons per Minute370