NxB/V 18-37kW (25-50HP)

Kilowatt / Horsepower Range:  18kW/25HP, 22kW/30HP, 30kW/40HP, 37kW/50HP
-:  200 / 3


Nx Series air compressors from FS-Curtis are valued worldwide for their legendary reliability. Housed in a space-saving design and built for continuous, quiet operation, the Nx Series delivers steady airflow with stable air pressure. The result is outstanding air quality with minimal oil carryover, giving you the performance you need backed by the durability you want.


Take control of your energy savings with our optional DemandSmartTM Energy Management System, which includes the controller, variable-speed drive, and airend to create greater overall efficiency. This innovative design maximizes energy savings and reduces overall operating costs.


One of the ways the DemandSmart system in Nx Series compressors maximizes energy savings is with a variable speed drive (VSD). The VSD allows you to match your energy usage to current system demands, eliminating the need to overpressure the system, so you’ll save money by not wasting energy.

In addition, the soft starting capability of FS-Curtis’ VSD reduces inrush current requirement, decreasing your power demand — and, of course, increasing your energy savings.

Energy Savings

• The VSD — time-proven directly coupled design — offers faster response and greater operational efficiency • Variable operation slows airend speed, which lowers energy costs and reduces noise
• Matching the operating speed with changes in demand reduces component wear
• With DemandSmart technology, the VSD enhances quality by stabilizing air pressure at 1 psi increments

• Built-in DC choke protects against harmonic disturbances and eliminates the need to source additional corrective devices


With the optional iCommand-Touch, a full-color screen displays graphs which capture and track factual, real-time air usage by the hour, day, week and month. Historical data can be retrieved at any time at the touch of the screen.

Data trending keeps your finger on the pulse of your entire compressed air system.

Continuously tracks pressure, temperature, air quantity and usage to easily diagnose and optimize your plant’s air system.

• Simple Touchscreen Control
• Intuitive Navigation
• Capture Real-time and Historical Data Trending



Compressors generate heat. FS-Curtis’ exclusive eCOOL technology provides protection from heat and reduces thermal stress.

By combining smart compressor layout with intelligent component selection, eCOOL technology maximizes cooling airflow for greater energy efficiency, improved reliability and increases service life up to 50% longer for motors and electrical components and up to 30-50% longer for bearings, hoses and seals.

Technical overview 18-37kw
Kilowatt / Horsepower Range18kW/25HP, 22kW/30HP, 30kW/40HP, 37kW/50HP
Electrics—Wye Delta
-200 / 3
*Electronic iCommand - Basic Controller
*Base Mounted
*Fixed Speed=Belt Driven (o/ol , modulation)
*Variable Speed=Direct Coupled
*PSI (100, 125, 150, 175)
-120 Tank Mtd (18-22kW)
-Ultra Pack: Tank , Integrated Refrigerated Dryer, Filter
-iCommand – Touch Controller