The same commitment to world-class quality found in FS Curtis compressors is also the foundation of RN Series refrigerated compressed-air dryers. RN Series dryers can further extend the operating life of downstream equipment by preventing concentrations of water, lubricant aerosols and airborne particles created during the compression process that can damage equipment, corrode the system and contaminate your product or process. Manufactured to precision specifications for ideal integration with FS-Curtis compressors, RN Series dryers provide a constant dew point that meets the ISO 8573.1 standard to protect your investment, reduce wear and maintenance costs, and maintain your production quality.


(10-500 SCFM)



Sometimes a simple solution is all you need. With their small design and compact footprint, RNP dryers take the basics to new heights, delivering reliable performance day in and day out you’ve come to expect from FS- Curtis. They remove maximum moisture to increase efficiency and help you get the most from your equipment.

The perfect blend of technology and simplicity, RNP dryers are easy to operate and maintain. Best of all, they’re reliable. You can count on an ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Class 4 to Class 5 pressure dew point for efficient, effective delivery

of clean, dry, consistent-quality compressed air.

• Simple and reliable copper tube-on-tube heat exchange for RNP10-50 • Stainless-steel brazed plate heat exchanger for RNP75-500
• Designed with quality components for extended service life
• At-a-glance control panel dew point indication verifies performance

• Cleanable cabinet filter for RNP100-500
• R-134a environmentally friendly refrigerant