RS Series Compressor 15–300HP

Horsepower Range:  15-300
Electrics:  ODP standard , TEFC Option


Built to work. Built to last. That’s the essence of the FS-Curtis RS Series rotary screw air compressors. Performing dependably in thousands of locations worldwide, RS Series compressors combine efficient operation with outstanding durability in the most demanding environments. The easy-access design lowers maintenance costs while the top-quality components deliver maximum uptime — all backed by the FS-Curtis reputation for rugged dependability.


RS Series compressors are built for ease of installation and intuitive operation. The plug-and-play design allows for easy installation in a wide range of applications. The standard machine has no cabinet to work around, giving you easy access to all components. Features like long-life consumables, factory-filled synthetic oil, and an oil level sight glass help reduce maintenance time. The multi-stage oil separation system and the heavy-duty oil filter with bypass help ensure

long-term operation.


Thanks to the timed dual control with modulation, proven energy savings and stable pressure come standard. During the
load cycle, the compressor capacity automatically adjusts to meet system demand — so when the demand drops, so do your energy costs. The sump system automatically blows down to a low idle pressure and maintains extremely low unloaded horsepower. Unloaded timed shutdown, which turns the RS Series compressor completely off if no further air is required, also comes standard. Plus, for additional energy savings, you can add lead-lag/sequence control and a variable frequency drive.


The RS Series gives you the flexibility to configure your compressors to meet your needs. Optional features include:

• Quiet Enclosure
• Water Cooled
• Alternative Voltages (200, 230, 460, 575V, 60Hz, 50Hz) • AirtronTM Microprocessor Control

• TEFC Motors
• NEMA 4 Control Panel
• Y/D starter (standard for 125-300HP)
• Solid-State Soft Starter
• Pressure Differential Gauges for Air, Oil and Separator Filters • Moisture Separator and Drain Trap

  • Heavy Duty Intake Filter
  • High-Efficiency Airend
  • NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors(up to 200 HP)
  • Timed Dual Control with Modulation
  • 120V Control Voltage
  • Multi-Stage Oil Separation System
  • Heavy-Duty Oil Filter with Bypass
  • Oil Level Sight Glass
  • Mixing Three-Way Oil Thermostat
  • Side-by-Side Air Cooled Oil/Air Aftercooler
  • Rigid Base with Forklift Slots
  • Multi-Level Safety Systems
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Factory-Filled Synthetic Oil


Technical overview
Horsepower Range15-300
ElectricsODP standard , TEFC Option
Electrics200, 230, 460, 575 volt 3 phase
*Simple easy to operate pneumatic controls
*Modulation Capacity Control
*Base Mounted Standard
*15-50 HP Belt-Driven, 50-300 HP Gear Driven
*Air-Cooled Standard , Water-Cooled Optional
-Tank Mounted
-Nema 4
-Wye Delta Starter
-Food Grade Oil
-Airtron Microprocessor Controller
-VFD (125-200HP)