AMASTEEL Steel Shot 460

Surface Profile:   Mils
Average Particle Size:  0.0469 in

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AMASTEEL is Tempered Martinsite with the perfect grain structure for endurance and impact value.

Produced from select steel scrap, controlled Atomization process and a unique quench & temper Thermal Treatment, AMASTEEL is unparalleled to all producers of metallic abrasives.

AMASTEEL Shot & Grit can be produced with four hardness ranges that will fit most every blasting and peening application.

AMASTEEL is produced with precise control of the microstructure to deliver maximum durability and impact energy transfer. This gives AMASTEEL the strength to produce the lowest process / operational costs for our customers.


AMASTEEL is suitable to replace many other Non Metallic abrasives with its superior life and performance.


Exceeding the life of aluminium oxide, glass beads, mineral abrasives, garnet or slag by nearly 1000 to 1, AMASTEEL can significantly reduce your raw material and disposal costs.

AMASTEEL is non-hazardous and contaminant free as received. During use it produces no free silica or associated respiratory and environmental hazards. Any metal dust created during use is insignificant, allowing for a virtually dust-free blasting environment.

Energy Transfer – Speed of Cleaning

Blast cleaning is an operation in which the work surface is pounded by successive impacts of flying abrasive particles. This impact energy of the abrasive is related to the mass and velocity of the particle being thrown. When the kinetic energy in a particle of abrasive is expended on the work surface, the contaminant is loosened and removed. Thus, the greater the impact being delivered per particle, the greater the speed of cleaning. AMASTEEL’s greater mass / density delivers more power to the surface improving the cleaning rates and lowering the abrasive consumption costs.

Abrasive Work-Mix

An efficient abrasive work-mix contains a balanced distribution of large, medium and small particles. This distribution is constantly undergoing change because of abrasive deterioration caused by repeated impact with the work surface. Maintaining a proper balance can be difficult with short-lived abrasive because of its rapid breakdown and removal from the system. These fluctuations in the size distribution directly affect both surface finish and productivity

AMASTEEL’s superior durability provides a more consistent distribution by remaining in the work-mix long after other non metallic abrasives have fractured and been removed by the dust collector.

AMASTEEL Steel Shot 460
Surface Profile Mils
Average Particle Size0.0469 in
Recommended nozzle pressure100-150 PSI
Recommended stand off12 – 36 inches
Hardness40-51 Hardness Rockwell C
Free Silica