GlassOx AbrasivesTM 10x40, 50lbs Bag

Surface Profile:  5 to 4.5 Mils
Average Particle Size:  1151 Microns


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GlassOxTM is a highly versatile, non-metallic, mineral abrasive media suited to a wide range of blasting applications. The right size GlassOxTM abrasive is tough where it needs to be tough and gentle where it needs to be gentle. It is excellent for removing old coatings of all thicknesses, rust, and mill scale leaving behind a beautiful white metal finish. It is perfect for architectural applications including concrete, wood, and graffiti removal. GlassOxTM is the new, up and coming abrasive for automotive bodywork, virtually eliminating the potential for paint failures associated with sodium bicarbonate (soda blasting). GlassOxTM also works well on fiberglass and aluminum making it perfect for marine and aircraft. Excellent for dry or wet blasting applications.

Recycled Crushed Glass

Recycled Crushed Glass is a general-purpose abrasive used in a wide range of applications including in both dry blasting, wet blasting environments. GlassOxTMrecycled crushed glass is made from 100% post consumer container glass. It is a safe and effective abrasive blasting media.


GlassOxTM is an amorphous abrasive free from detectable levels of crystalline silica, meaning it can safely and effectively replace silica sand. It also makes an excellent replacement for mineral slags altogether avoiding issues and concerns about compliance with the Beryllium Rule. GlassOxTM is non-flammable, non- combustible, and non-reactive.

Recycled Product

GlassOxTM abrasives are good for the environment and are carefully processed and head-treated to remove non-glass residues and illuminate odor. It is then sized and screened to exacting industry standards.


GlassOxTM is manufactured to meet or exceed Mil-A-22262B (SH) and SSPC AB-1 specification requirements. GlassOx is made in a facility QPL Approved by the US Defense Logistics Agency.

GlassOx AbrasivesTM 10x40
Surface Profile5 to 4.5 Mils
Average Particle Size1151 Microns
Recommended nozzle pressure60 – 90 PSI
Recommended stand off12 – 36 inches
ShapeAngular to Sub-Angular
Hardness620 Knoop Hardness (6.0+ Mohs)
Free Silica<1% by weight