FlexiRoc T30

Main application area:  Quarrying ; Civil engineering
Drilling method:  Tophammer

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With great boom coverage that lets you drill more holes per set-up, the FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition delivers true productivity. It is all in your hands with the 2.4 Ghz bluetooth Radio Remote Control.

The FlexiROC T30 is an excellent choice for medium and large sized construction applications. It can even be used in small quarries. Its compact size means that the FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition can easily be transported from job to job. Extended boom coverage of 5 300 mm through an 80-degrees radius saves contractors time and money with more holes and fewer set-ups. Radio Remote Control comes as standard and offers inclination and depth data directly on the display. The rig’s crawler tracks and low center of gravity provide excellent terrainability. The Rod Handling System (RHS), increasing both productivity and safety, is also available as optional equipment. Examples of operations suitable for this rig are foundation drilling and road construction.

Technical Data
Main application areaQuarrying ; Civil engineering
Drilling methodTophammer
Hole diameter1,75 inch - 3,5 inch
Product familyFlexiROC
Rock drill/DTH hammer sizeCOP 1640+ ; COP 1840+
Rotary headN/A
Maximum hole depth57,41 ft
Rig Weight20,950 lbs
Hole range (recommended)
With Rod Adding System (RAS) or Rod Handling System (RHS) with 3.6 m (12’) rods and 4.3 m (14’) starter rodExtra long folding boom
ThreadsR32, T35, TC35, T38, T45
MetricØ 45–89 mm
USØ 1.75”–3.5”
Metric7.4 m (RAS) 14.8 m (RHS)
US24’ (RAS) 48’ (RHS)
Hydraulic rock drill
Rock drillCOP 1640+
Boom typeExtra long folding boom
Impact power16 kW | 22.0 hp
Hydraulic pressure, max200 bar | 2 900 psi
Impact rate60 Hz
RPM, max215 | 135
Torque, max789 lbf/ft | 1 143 lbf/ft
Total length236”
Travel length160”
Feed extension39”
Feed rate, max3 ft/min
Feed force, max2 697 lbf
Tractive pull, max3 372 lbf
Dust collector DCT
Filter area86 sq.ft
Suction capacity at 500 mm wg1 228 cfm
Suction hose diameter4/5”
Cleaning air pressure, max109 psi
Cleaning air consumption at 7 bar0.53 cu.ft/pulse
Filter cleaning while drilling
2 pcs of filter elements
Hydraulic oil tank52.8 gal
Hydraulic system, total66.0 gal
Compressor oil5.3 gal
Diesel engine oil2.9 gal
Diesel engine, fuel tank71.3 gal
Traction gear0.8 gal
Lubrication tank (ECL)2.6 gal
AdBlue4.0 gal