PowerRoc T30

Rock drill:  RD 14S | COP 1640+ | COP 1840+
Threads:  T38, T45 | R32, T35, TC 35, T38, T45

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This straightforward and easy-to-operate hydraulic
drill rig is a reliable workhorse that will always get the job done, even in the toughest conditions. Thanks to well-proven technology with continuous upgrades and improvements the PowerROC T30 E excels in productiv- ity and reliability.

It has been around for three decades and has continuously been upgraded and improved in pace with our customers’ increasingly higher demands for performance. Thanks to the straightforward design of the PowerROC T30 E, the robust Atlas Copco components and impressive power, the easy-to-operate rig repeatedly helps you to overcome the toughest everyday challenges.

The PowerROC T30 E is a hydraulic drill rig designed especially for construction jobs where long reach is vital. If necessary, it can easily take on other jobs, such as bench drilling in small quarries. Low fuel consumption and high capacity makes the PowerROC T30 E ideal for a variety of construction applications, including house foundations, road construction, pipeline building and trenching.

Hole range (recommended)
Rock drillRD 14S | COP 1640+ | COP 1840+
ThreadsT38, T45 | R32, T35, TC 35, T38, T45
Maximum hole length57‘
Drill diameter2”–3.5” | 1.75” –3.5”
Starter rod/extension rod14’, 12’
Drill Rig Weight
Rig Weight 29,101 lbs
Hydraulic rock drill
Rock drillRD 14S | COP 1640+ | COP 1840+
Impact power14 kW, 18.7 hp | 16 kW, 21.4 hp | 19 kW, 25.5 hp
Hydraulic pressure, max145 bar, 2 103 psi | 200 bar, 2 900 psi | 25.5 h, 3 335 psi
Impact rate45 Hz, 220 rpm 174 rpm | 60 H, 340 rpm 215 rpm 135 rpm | 42-50 Hz, 215, 135
Torque, max958 lbf/ft, 898 lbf/ft | 494 lbf/ft, 789 lbf/ft, 1 143 lbf/ft | 789 lbf/ft, 1 143 lbf/ft
Weight approx500 lb | 425 lb | 385 lb
Total length23.42 ft
Travel length13.91 ft
Feed extension3.93 ft
Feed rate, max3 ft/min
Feed force, max3 597 lbf
Tractive pull, max4 400 lbf
Dust collector DCT 140
Filter area151 sq.ft
Suction capacity at 500 mm wg1 200 cfm
Suction hose diam4’/5’
Cleaning air pressure, max109 psi
Cleaning air consumption0.06 - 0.12 cu.ft/pulse
Number of filter elements14 pcs
Hydraulic oil tank52.8 gal
Hydraulic system, total66.0 gal
Compressor oil5.3 gal
Diesel engine oil2.9 gal
Diesel engine, fuel tank71.3 gal
Diesel engine, cooling water (Tier 4i)8.2 gal
Traction gear0.8 gal
Lubrication tank (ECL)1.3 gal
AdBlue4.0 gal