SmartRoc T45-11

Main application area:  Mining ; Quarrying
Drilling method:  Tophammer

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SmartROC T45 is an efficient and productive tophammer drill rig developed and designed for high performance in demanding construction applications. It’s also a very efficient alternative for aggregate and limestone quarries. The proven control system provides precise drilling and consistent operation, resulting in improved blasting results. The key to its incredible fuel efficiency is a rig that only uses the amount of energy the work demands. The SmartROC T45 will set the standard for future drilling, thanks to the intuitive design.

+ Plan your work, then work your plan

The SmartROC T45 relies on automation functionalities to make sure you drill as planned. The automatic feed alignment ensures that you always maintain the desired angle when drilling, which is crucial for optimum blasting results. In addition, the automatic rod adding system makes it easy for the operator, adding rods to the desired depth. The machine drills to the exact desired drilling depth with no mistakes, while the operator supervises until it ́s time to pick up the rods. Both functions deliver consistent results you can rely on, shift after shift.

+ Cut your fuel costs in half

There are two things the SmartROC T45 never compromises on – fuel efficiency and high productivity. The key to its incredible fuel efficiency is that it only uses the energy it needs for the work at hand. In addition to its standard automatic radiator fan, engine and compressor speed are automatically adjusted depending on operating mode. For example, during tramming or when the rig is not working, the compressor puts no load on the engine and thus reduces engine speed. Further, the airflow and dust collector speed can be adjusted as needed by the operator.

+ Efficiency with environmental care

Epiroc’s commitment to the environment is evident in everything we do. We want to maximize your productivity and save you money, at the same time as we leave as few footprints as possible on the environment. That’s why the SmartROC T45 is the the most energy efficient rig in its class. Its hydraulic system uses significantly less oil, compared to other rigs, with a hydraulic tank that is 1/3 the standard size for its class. This means you can use biological oil with approximately the same cost as regular oil, and you don ́t have to worry about taking care of spillage.

Quick facts
Main application areaMining ; Quarrying
Drilling methodTophammer
Hole diameter3,5 inch - 5,5 inch
Product familySmartROC
Rock drill/DTH hammer sizeCOP 2560
Rotary headN/A
Maximum hole depth118 ft
Engine325 HP
Air capacity (FAD)473 cfm
Rig Weight39,022 lbs
Hole range (recommended)
ThreadsT45, T51
Hole DiameterØ 3.5"–5"
Folding boom. Hydraulic rod handling system for max hole length, with 7x3.6 m (12’) extensions rods and a 4.2 m (14’) starter rod95'
Hydraulic rock drill
Rock drillCOP 2560+
BoomFolding boom
Impact power25 kW | 33.5 hp
Hydraulic pressure, max230 bar | 3 335 psi
Impact rate, max44 Hz
Torque, max1 555 Nm | 1 147 lbf/ft
Weight approx412 lb
FEED with folding boom
Feed extension45,3"
Feed rate, max177 ft/min
Feed force, max4 496 lbf
Tractive pull, max6 744 lbf
Total length303"
Travel length181.5"
Dust collector DCT 200
Filter area215 sq.ft
Number of filter elements20 pcs
Suction capacity at 500 mm wg1 144 cfm
Suction hose diam5"
Cleaning air pressure, max109 psi
Cleaning air consumption0.06–0.12 cu.ft/pulse
Tramming speed2.1 mph
Track oscillation±10°
Ground clearance15.9"
Hydraulic oil tank36.4 gal
Hydraulic system, total63.4 gal
Compressor oil13.7 gal
Diesel engine oil8.4 gal
Diesel engine, cooling water19.8 gal
Diesel engine fuel tank105.7 gal
Traction gear0.8 gal
Lubrication tank (ECL)6.1 gal
Folding boom39 000 lb