Magni Rotating TeleHandler 6.35

Maximum lifting capacity:  13.200 lbs (center of gravity 24 in)
Maximum lifting height:  114.49 ft

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The Magni Rotating TeleHandler 6.35 is a tough, high-performance rotating telescopic handler. It can lift loads to a height of 114 ft and is equipped with scissor stabilizers to ensure greater safety and stability during working maneuvers. The scissor stabilisers are ideal even with limited space available; even when it is only partially stabilised, the machine is programmed to provide the best possible load chart on each side. When the stabilisers are fully extended, on the other hand, they guarantee maximum machine performance over 360° as they are able to work over a very wide stabilisation base. It is compatible with a huge range of accessories, thanks also to the RFID system which provides automatic recognition of the attachment and creation of the relative load charts; this telescopic handler is able to meet a wide range of applications in construction and industry.

Magni Rotating TeleHandler 6.35


  • Movable steering column allowing the operator to get in and out and achieve an excellent driving position.
  • 2 Sauer Danfoss multifunction joysticks connected via CAN BUS for all the movements of the turret, boom and accessory.
  • The fully enclosed and airtight cab is pressurized by a powerful ventilation system (240 m3/hr) in accordance with ISO 10263 standards.
  • 100% inlet air filtration.
  • Hot and cold air conditioning is part of the standard equipment for all models, with air recycling if required.
  • FOPS/ROPS type-approval.
Controls grouped on an exclusive glass touch screen display created by Magni in collaboration with designers specialized in display images and easy of communication, together with a company belonging to the group that developed all the machine’s application software. As an alternative to the touch screen, the display pages can also be controlled with a joystick, just like the ones in the most recent luxury cars.


The new patented stabilizing system which, by combining both the pivoting and telescoping actions, provides increased stability, thus a superior lifting performance than the conventional stabilizing systems. Moreover, the software developed by Magni controls an active dynamic stabilizing system based on the extension length measurement of each outrigger. When the machine is not equally stabilized on its 4 feet, the system, which is available on all models of the RTH range, constantly calculates the bearing capacity and adapts the load chart of the machine to its real situation of stability. The “SS” (Super Scissor) stabilization system which considerably increases the width of the base of stabilization ensuring lifting performances which are double compared to a conventional stabilization.


Since it is lighter in weight, the new quick-fit system improves capacity performance thanks to less weight at the end of the boom and also increases safety when particularly sensitive attachments like long jibs or baskets are fitted. Operators sometimes forget to lock the accessory with a mechanical retainer or hydraulic locking system. Here again, and thanks to a special design, the impossibility of the implement being able to separate from the machine when lifted (in the case of aerial work platforms) is 100% guaranteed since, even without the safety bolt, the accessory is unable to release unless it is on the ground.
System of automatic recognition of the attachment:  Magni telescopic handlers are equipped, on the boom head, with a R.F.I.D. system to automatically recognize the attachment in use, in the moment in which it is coupled to the machine and consequently load the load chart relative to it and predispose the load limit device load to work with that specific attachment.


The electric circuit of Magni Rotating TeleHandler possesses IP67 protection against penetration by external agents like water or dust. The circuit rating is 24 V. The machine is also controlled by a CAN BUS circuit that transmits all the data about the electronic components installed, allowing all the information about the engine, transmission and load monitoring system to be displayed on the touch screen. Magni is the owner of this software development, which allows the operator to handle the machine in an intuitive and user-friendly way with the flow sharing system, while the engine rate is automatically adjusted to suit the speed of the hydraulic movements required.


  • Magni Rotating TeleHandler offers a choice between the installation of JCB ECOMAX Tier 4i engines and DAIMLER MERCEDES BENZ EURO 3B on RTH range; for what concern HTH range the engine installed is the DAIMLER MERCEDES BENZ EURO 3B.  The latest generation electronically controlled Bosch Rexroth transmission ensures fast driving on the roads (40km/h) with fuel consumption reduced by 10/15%.
  • All the models in Magni’s rotating range are assembled on two basic chassis models; they feature a rigid structure that prevents the frame members from twisting even when subjected to considerable stress and increases the stability of the machine. Magni’s new patented stabilizing system features outriggers that no longer overlap and connect to the frame ends but are on the same axis. This allows them to retract into the frame structure, thereby lengthening the wheelbase of the machine, all to the advantage of wheel load capacity and installation of EURO 4 engines, much more bulky than those of the previous models that did not need reservoirs for Diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue).
  • The load sensing hydraulic circuit comprises a Bosch Rexroth main variable displacement pump, a SIL 2 latest generation Sauer Danfoss valve system with electro-proportional control and instantaneous spool position detection in accordance with standard EN 13489 concerning the safety of electronic controls.


Made of high tension steel, the boom is extremely sturdy and rigid. It is equipped with an exclusive hydraulic circuit at the end of the boom which has also been patented.
Magni Rotating TeleHandler 6.35 SH Rotating Telehandler
Maximum lifting capacity13.200 lbs (center of gravity 24 in)
Maximum lifting height114.49 ft
Rotation360° (continuous)
Max. travel speed25 Mph
Drawbar pull125 kN
Turning radius (end of forks)275.6 in
Total unladen52,625 lbs
Front axle unladen (boom retracted and lowered)26,390 lbs
Rear axle unladen (boom retracted and lowered)26,235 lbs
Fuel tank71 US gal
AdBlue10 US gal
Hydraulic oil tank50 US gal
Engine oil tank5 US gal
Cooling liquid9 US gal