P425/HP375 Air Compressor

Free-Air Delivery:  Low: cfm (m³/min)425 (12.0); High: 375 (10.6)
Rated operating Pressure:  Low: psig (bar)100 (7.0); High: 150 (10.3)

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The two-in-one P425/HP375WCU-T4F portable air compressor from Doosan Portable Power delivers dual pressures with airflow ranging from 375 to 425 cfm and pressure ranging from 100 to 150 psi. The compact design and small footprint of the P425/HP375WCU-T4F air compressor is consistent with other portable air compressors offered by Doosan Portable Power. In addition to its compact size and dual pressure availability, the P425/HP375WCU-T4F air compressor can be mounted on truck beds for increased versatility, making it the idea compressor for a variety of markets and applications.

The P425/HP375WCU-T4F portable air compressor is powered by a four Final (T4F)-complient Cummins engine and engineered with DOC and SCR emissions technology. A newly redesigned Mini-Port full gauge control panel displays engine and airend temperature, pressure, and the percentage of fan speed and engine load. From the newly redesigned control panel, the operator is able to select service intervals, language, and other display for an improved operator interface. The operator also has the ability to change the pressure and flow settings during compressor operation, either creating low airflow with high pressure or high airflow with low pressure.

Servicing the P425/HP375WCU-T4F portable air compressor is simple thanks to a simplified wiring and piping layout and service points are easily accessible without having to remove the durable enclosure. Automatic shutdowns, relative to several critical operational parameters, help to avoid costly damage and subsequent repairs.

Free-Air DeliveryLow: cfm (m³/min)425 (12.0); High: 375 (10.6)
Rated operating PressureLow: psig (bar)100 (7.0); High: 150 (10.3)
Pressure range – psig (bar)Low: 80 – 125 (5.5 – 8.6); High: 80–175 (5.5 – 12.1)
Air Discharge outlet sizeLow: (mm)1.25 (31.8; High: 1.25 (31.75)
Air Discharge outlet Quantity11
Fuel Tank CapacityLow: gal (L)60 (227); High: 63 (227)
Hours of operation @ Full LoadLow: 10,9; High: 10,6
DIMENSIONS w/ running gear
Length(mm)152.5 (3874)152.5 (3874)
Width(mm)78.2 (1986)78.2 (1986)
Height(mm)69.9 (1775)69.9 (1775)
Track Width(mm)66.6 (1692)66.6 (1692)
Tire size1515
Shipping Weightw/o fuel – lb (kg)4470 (2027)4470 (2027)
Working Weightw fuel – lb (kg)