ACME Dynamics Quiet Zone 8" Pump

Suction:  8"
Discharge:  8"

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ACME Dynamics, Inc. manufactures, fully automatic dry prime, DYNAPRIME® pumps.  These portable all purpose centrifugal trash pumps are manufactured for the municipal, industrial, mining, refinery, petrochemical, and construction industries, with sound attenuated (quiet) versions for residential and noise restricted environments.  These fully automatic vacuum assist dry prime centrifugal trash pumps are used  every day in projects like temporary sewage bypass, construction site dewatering, wellpoint dewatering, stream diversion, sludge and wastewater removal, remediation or most any type of fluid / liquid transfer applications.

The ACME Dynamics DYNAPRIMEe QUIETZONE model DPe200/QZI fully automatic, dry priming, trailer mounted 8′ pump features compact design with large pump performance: Max flow to 2700 GPM; max head to 127′ TDH; solids handling to 3′ x 3.5′; will pass ropes, rags, and stringy materials. The DYNAPRIMEe priming system enables on demand priming and re-priming down to 30′ within seconds, even on long suction lines, and handles a positive suction in excess of…
Solids Handling3"-3.5"
Drive TypeDiesel Engine
Unit Weight3923 LBS
Speed2000 - 2200 rpm
Gallons Per Minute 2700
Fuel Tank65 Gallons
Run Time Full Load37.5 Hours
Sound Level64.15 dB at 23 feet