Sub Pump 2"x2" S2B1 SlimLine 115V 2HP

Suction:  2"
Discharge :  2"

For drilled wells, narrow cofferdams and hard-to-reach places, Gorman-Rupp’s Slimline submersible pumps are lighter and easier to handle than their larger Widebase cousins. Even so, there is a strong family resemblance: Gorman-Rupp puts extra protection into the seals, and the impeller is rugged and dependable.

High Head, High Volume Solutions
Compact Design

Gorman-Rupp Slimline Submersibles are designed for cramped quarters and hard-to-reach places where other pumps can’t go. They’re light in weight, which makes handling and installation simple. And these pumps have only two moving parts and three wearing surfaces so maintenance and repairs are minimal.

Dual Seals, Double Protection

Primary seal keeps dirty water in the pump end and prevents contamination of the oil cavity. A second “fail safe” seal provides extra protection against the possibility of damage to the motor. Positive oil lubrication enables the pump to run dry without seal damage.

Abrasive Handling Impeller

Abrasion resistant ductile iron impellers stand up to sand, gravel and other abrasive materials. The fully shrouded impeller back reduces seal pressure and helps prevent foreign material from entering the seal cavity. Seal life is extended and operational life of the pump is increased. Optional impellers of CD4MCu are available for corrosive/abrasive applications.

S2B1 SlimLine 115V 1P
Discharge 2"
Solids Handling0.31"
Maximum Operating Pressure 39 psi
Motor2 H.P.
Drive Type Electric
Power Requirements Single
Amps Full Load2.8/2.8 kW
Power Cable4 Wire; Type SO/SOW/SOOW; 10 AWG; 3 Power Conductors, Plus 1 Ground.
Recommended Generator Size6 kW Across the Line Start
Weight98 lbs
Electrical Control BoxYes