Schmidt Abrasive Blaster Portables 6.5 cuft.

*:  Normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls
*:  High flow auto air valves standard for maximum productivity

Recognized and trusted around the globe, Schmidt portable blasting systems are designed to provide the lowest pressure drop while using a wide range of media. Available in packages or individually, the low maintenance design minimizes downtime and increases productivity. Customsystems can be designed to meet specific needs with a multitude of options, these units featurenormally closed, fail-safe valves and controls for greater safety and performance.

The industry’s most productive blasting systemsare better than ever. Already boasting the industry’slowest pressure drop, Schmidt® blast pots keep improving with both quality of life upgrades andsubstantial feature improvements.

Schmidt blasting systems represent the greatest value for both contractors and industrial users, especially when working with expensive mediaswhere productivity and efficiency are necessary
to maximize profit. Our systems are designed tomaximize pressure from the air compressor all the way to the blast hose, compared to as much as a 10-15 psi loss in competitors’ units.

New Features:

• NEW MicroValve® 3 (MV3TM) with dramaticallyimproved wear resistance

  • NEW VBS IITM (Volumetric Blowdown Suppression) system, designed to dramaticallyreduce noise and protect the job site from fast moving particles
  • NEW SureFitTM snap-on handway gasket allows for an even fit, greatly reducing the risk for airleaks
  • Improved pop-up and new skirted pop-up gasketimprove vessel seal, extending the life of the pot
  • NEW hinged lid for easier and more convenientaccess to the vessel and weather protection(optional)
  • NEW universal load skid on all pot sizes for easeof transport (optional)

• Low profile makes loading of abrasive easy
• Extremely low pressure drop for increased productivity • 90o angled cone bottom improves abrasive flow
• 150 psi (10.3 bar) rated
• Optional load skid protects valves and piping
• Packages available (see details below)

VBS (Volumetric Blowdown Suppression) System

• Reduces blowdown intensity by diffusing and safely re-directing blowdown exhaust air • No screen or filters to clog = minimal maintenance • Easy to replace wear components

Abrasive Blaster Portables 6.5
*Normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls
*High flow auto air valves standard for maximum productivity
*Standard 1600 cfm moisture separator for consistent abrasive flow
*Available as stationary or mounted on highway and yard trailers - Skid and Fork Pocket Skid options
Maximum Pressure 150 psi
*12” x 16” manway
*Optional bag rack with pipe stubs for abrasive loading
*6”side flanged port for easy vessel clean-out
Max Abrasive Material600 lbs