Empire SuperBlast® Portables 3.50

Simplicity, safety, reliability and performance—those were our design goals when we engineered SuperBlast®Portables. Many years on tough jobs, such as removing corrosion, preparing surfaces for coating and maintaining heavy equipment, have proved that SuperBlast Portables deliver unmatched performance and exceptional value.

One reason for the popularity of SuperBlast® is our patented Sure-Flo® Media Regulator. The media path through the valve is straight down, assuring dependable flow. Abrasive media contacts only one part, a gum- rubber metering tube. Not only is the tube exceptionally long lasting, it’s also inexpensive and simple to replace, meaning you enjoy more productive time and virtually maintenance-free operation. Various metering tubes are available to match your application.

A look at the features highlighted above will show you that SuperBlast Portables are made of the “right stuff.” These rugged systems are the product of ingenuity and experience; they combine a host of standard features designed to boost productivity and profits. In addition, they can be ordered in a variety of configurations, includ- ing your choice of pneumatic or electric remote controls, a complete OSHA package and a full line of accessories.

SuperBlast makes short work of big projects; and performs small jobs in a snap. For the best blasting results, nothing beats SuperBlast.

Automatic Exhaust Valve

expedites vessel depressur- ization for media refills.

Manual Drain Separator

improves grit flow by removing water and con- densate.

Large Inspection Port provides access to the interior.

Large Piping supports high air flow and operating pressure.

The Sure-Flo® Media Regulator (Pat. No. 4,518,145) delivers precise, reliable performance. Plus, it’s easy and inexpen- sive to service. (See back page for details.)

Rugged, Flexible Air Line reduces maintenance and minimizes pressure loss caused by multiple fittings.

E-Z Fill® Bag Breaker and Screen (Pat. No. 4,557,825) automatically breaks and filters bags of grit through a large, six-inch inlet.

Low Profile makes filling less strenuous. Deep positioning of the screen within the filling head eliminates the need for separate, height-raising, add-on screens.

Slim Design—with no side piping—wheels through narrow doorways.

Compact, Front-Mounted Controls

simplify operation and maintenance.

Tilt control improves stability, prevents flat spots on tires, and makes the blaster easier to move.