VANTAGE® 500 Portable WELDER

RATED OUTPUT:  500A/40V/100% 550A/36V/60% 575A/35V/50%


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Top Features

  • 500 amps of welding power for stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored processes
  • Plenty of AC Generator power – up to 20 kW/3-Ph and 12 kW/single phase
  • Large 25 gallon (95 ltr) fuel tank ensures long run times


• Simple Controls – Keep training time to a minimum with the straightforward control panel of the Vantage 500. The flip-down control panel door keeps less frequently used dials out of the way. Scratch-resistant Lexan® nameplate.

• Digital meters for amps and volts output make it easy to precisely set your procedures. • Fuel, oil pressure and engine temperature gauges keep you on top of monitoring engine performance.

• 48 horsepower oil/air-cooled 4 cylinder Deutz D2011 L4i engine has an automatic idler for greater fuel economy and reduced noise.

• Single-sided engine access for routine maintenance. A double hinged door located on the right side of the machine opens easily in tight surroundings.

• Large 25 gallon (95 liter) fuel tank provides run time for an extended day – 13 hours of welding at 500A/40V/100% duty cycle output, or 31 to 38 hours at high idle.

• Engine hour meter makes it easy to schedule maintenance.

• Output at welding terminals controlled by electronic contactor. Can be switched to “Weld Terminals On” or to “Remotely Controlled”. •

• Oil drain valve and tube to direct used engine oil away from the base into a pan.

• Kilowatts available for Multi-Weld® 350 use: 5 kW @ 60 VDC, 12 kW @ 58 VDC.

• The Vantage 500 provides added value at the job site by delivering up to 12,000 watts of 1-phase AC auxiliary power for equipment such as a plasma cutter. Also use for lights, grinders and other common construction tools. And, you can simultaneously weld and have access to AC power – The full 12,000 watts can be delivered while welding at up to 250 amps. Plug in a Lincoln Electric Invertec® V275-S inverter for a second arc.

• Compare this to the common competitive standard of 4,000 watts. No expensive options are required to add significant generator capacity. • Nominal 120V and 240V AC generator voltage is independent of any weld dial setting.

• Two 120V GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) duplex receptacles. Circuit breaker protection.

RATED OUTPUT500A/40V/100% 550A/36V/60% 575A/35V/50%
TYPE OF ENGINEDeutz® D2011 L4i Diesel
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D)50.8 in x 31.5 in x 63.1 in
NET WEIGHT1860.00 lb
Fuel Capacity Gallons25