Darda Splitter 2

Weight:  39.68 lbs
Splitting force effective (t):  220 Tons


  • Enormous splitting force up to 220 tons
  • Dust free and near silent operation
  • Vibration free
  • Light weight
  • Dimensionally accurate working
  • Controllable at any time
  • Applicable at places of difficult access
  • Easy handling

Phase 1, First, a hole of a precise diameter and depth is drilled into the material. The wedge set (one wedge and two counter wedges) is inserted into the drill-hole.

Phase 2, The wedge is driven forward under hydraulic pressure, forcing the counter wedges apart with a force of up to 220 tons. The material splits within seconds.

Phase 3, With enlarging counter wedges the split can be expanded to its maximum width. Reinforcing rods break or can be cut up with a suitable power tool, e.g. the Darda HCS 6 Combi- Shears.

The power from within

The stone and concrete splitting cylinder functions according to the proven wedge principle, whereby a strong force is applied in an extremely constricted space (from within). Rock and concrete put up considerable resistance to forces applied externally. As a result, conventional demolition methods such as hydraulic chisels or crushers are unable to demolish these materials with any worthwhile degree of control or precision. By comparison, the resistance of stone and concrete to force applied internally is 90% less, with the result that they disintegrate relatively easily.

The right combination for every job

Hydraulic power units with a variety of drive systems are available for different applications and requirements. They can produce up to 50 MPa (500 bar) maximum system pressure. All of our splitting cylinders can be combined with each of our power units. The high-quality hydraulic hose sets are designed for the strong pulsating pressures.

C2 Darda Splitter
Weight39.68 lbs
Splitting force effective (t)220 Tons
Drill hole diameter (in)1 3/16"
Drill hole depth (in)12"
Air Hydraulic Pump cfm80
Electric Hydraulic Pump115V